Disney’s Pocahontas Write Up

Hello! I finally got some great pictures of Pocahontas over the weekend, so I decided it was time to sit down and explain how I made her :)! Pocahontas has always had a special place in my heart growing up, I’d have to say my big 3 princesses were Belle, Jasmine, and Pocahontas–so it was very exciting to finally make Pocahontas and not only that but go do a shoot up in the mountains for her!


D I F F I C U L T Y: ♥♥♥ (out of 5)

I would say that Pocahontas is fairly easy to make, depending on what materials you choose. The difficulties in making Pocahontas rest all in the fit–and if you just take extra pains with fitting it you should be fine.

M A T E R I A L S:
Pattern: Butterick 4343 (but any princess seamed dress pattern should work)

Wig: Eros from EpicCosplay

Fabric: I decided to use 2 pieces of deerskin leather bought from Tandy Leather, but if you are new to sewing I would not suggest starting with leather unless you have a walking foot. Otherwise, synthetic suedes or twills would work fine too–I would not reccommend using any thin cottons for this.

Necklace + Tattoo: Josh made the necklace through 3D modeling + Printing. We have ours up for sale in our etsy shop. The tattoo he also made and had printed.

M A K I N G:


The dress is simple and straightforward, cut out the pattern using scrap fabric and fit it to you, I usually have Josh help me with the fitting. I left extra room on the top to draw in the sweetheart neckline. Please always make sure to wear the appropriate shapewear when you do your mockup (for Pocahontas I’m wearing Spanx + waist cincher + extra padding in the bust).

Once you’ve finished with the mock up you’re happy with, move on to the ‘hero’ fabric. Before ripping up the mockup for your pattern, make your front trim for Pocahontas’ bust. Essentially what I did was I layed the pattern pieces out on another piece of scrap fabric, traced the silhouette of the top and then drew the rest of the trim. I mocked up this every step of the way just to be sure–and you know what? It’s a lot less stressful to do more mockups then to use your hero fabric and find you’ve miscalculated.

Use the mockup for your pattern, just remember to add seam allowance! I decided not to finish the edges and left the hem line and the arm hole raw because Leather doesn’t fray + I wanted that rough rugged vibe.

For the trim, I did the same thing as I did for making the chest trim. I laid out my pattern pieces, traced the finished edges for where I wanted the trim to be and then added length from there. The trim is also just the front of my hide :)! For Pocahontas I used the underside of the hide for her main dress, and the front finished lighter colored side for her trim. I also chose to go with more of the cartoony route and instead of making it true fringe, cut it closer to how it looks in the movie with large blocks of fringe.

To finish up, the belt is ridiculously easy! They sell thick leather straps at Joanns and Michaels, buy the pack there and then just cut to your waist size. Then use glue Velcro where the ends overlap and VOILA! BELT.

Now go frolic by a waterfall or riverbend or something! If you have any questions just ask :3!


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