Drafting Anna’s Coronation Ballgown Skirt


Anyway, I had been thinking ever since I watched Frozen (all of you know 7 times in theaters <–clearly has problems with addiction) how to approach Anna’s gorgeous Ballgown skirt, and at last it finally made sense! THREE-ALMOST FOUR MONTHS LATER, so I decided to share it with you guys because you know…I love you guys.

-UPDATE 05.28.14-

I have finally sat down to working on this, and will be updating with the build/notes/tips even a pattern once I finish the build. I would like to say though that this is NOT a full circle skirt as I originally thought. I decided to use a 1/3 circle skirt, and this would definitely require a hoop/crinoline/petticoat(s) underneath.


This is in the R&D stage of the project, I have not tested it out myself and will be doing so later :3. Always, ALWAYS test things out in waste fabric/mock up fabric first before going into your final fabric!

I’d love to hear how it works out for all of you guys out there too, and how I could make it better as well :3.
Anna_jumping– S T A R T –

1. Basically Anna’s skirt is three full 1/2 circle skirts all resting on top of each other (bottom, pleats, top), so essentially all you need to do is draft a circle skirt. Fit that circle skirt on you and make sure you like how it fits/drapes/etc. Once you’ve decided on the final fit of the circle skirt now you need to cut one section out. What I would do is count how many pleats Anna has and then section the skirt into equal sections and cut out 1 section. That is going to be your main pattern piece.

2. After you have your circle skirt segment, trace it on another clean paper and add (2) 1/2″ seam allowances on both edges. That is going to be the pattern piece for the top and bottom. Below I drew it 2x just to make it more clear later how the skirt works.  After you finished tracing that pattern piece, cut the original piece in half–this is going to be the pattern for your pleated section. Add (2) 1/2″ seam allowances. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT, ANNA’S SKIRT (I hope)

step33. Sew them together as shown below:
step44. If all works out it should look like below:
Now, as I said above, this is simply how I would approach Anna’s ball gown. I have not personally tested it out and but I wanted to share how I would do it either way. If any of you guys do try this out please share it with me! I’d love any tips and tricks. Later on when I have finished some more projects I will be making this and at that time I will add things as I find them out :D!

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11 thoughts on “Drafting Anna’s Coronation Ballgown Skirt

  1. Eleece says:

    I’m giving your pattern a try and will post pictures once I complete it. Out of curiosity, how would you do the closure? I’m thinking about not sewing two of the exterior panels at the top together and then adding hooks to connect the panels and snaps to secure them to the interior panel. That way one of the sections can be opened and closed to get in and out.

    • Yuqi says:

      HI!!! I’m so excited to hear from you!!! Here’s a picture I took really quick of my skirt in progress. Where I circled in black is where I would put the closure, because it would hide it the best. I was planning on using a zipper and then a hook and eye closure at the top if neccessary.


      Also I did run into a slight problem with the lengths on the skirt where you can see I marked it in white at the hem where its not quite lining up. I’m not sure if it was because I wasn’t careful enough while I was cutting or if its a problem with the pattern piece (it shouldn’t be too noticeable though), but I would def. do a mock up to make sure the pattern pieces line up before cutting (which I should have done)

    • Yuqi says:

      Hi Allison!

      Actually we embroidered the design onto each of the panels. I’m currently working on uploading everything, and will be uploading the embroidery pattern/stencil soon :).

  2. Nancy says:

    Hi. I just completed the Anna coronation gown for my grown daughter who wore it last evening at Disney World. I used the pattern for the Elsa gown. The skirt is gored but not real full, which she wanted. She bought the material before either of us really knew what the dress is like. I used a light green satin type material for the skirt and hunter green velvet for the corset bodice. When I realized it had the flowered panels all around it I had to make panels to attach. It is not pleated but gives the illusion of being pleated. Since I don’t have an embroidery machine I decided to hand embroider all of the panels. I tried fabric paint but it didn’t show up on the material I used. I had 7 panels going around the skirt. I had to practice my embroidery skills since I hadn’t done it for many years. My daughter helped me since I had a time limit to get it done. It turned out very nice. She loves it. It was a headache at times, though! I also hand embroidered the emblem on the bodice. I don’t have any pictures of it yet but when I get one I may post it here.

    • Yuqi says:

      Hello~! That sounds like it turned out amazing! I’d love to see pictures :)! Your daughter is super lucky to have a mom who’s willing to put in that much effort for her.

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