Making Marvel’s Jean Grey Phoenix Symbol

Hello all you lovely people you!

Recently I finished making the Green Phoenix suit for Wondercon, and it was an adventure to say the least! I’ve never made a full spandex suit before so it was a learning experience–but I think it went well :3.


Anyway this tutorial is going to be how I attached the Phoenix symbol to the body suit. I hope it helps y’all out in making your own phoenix suits! I followed Crash Cultures A-MAZING tutorial, so check it out here. Her whole blog is full of life saving tips for sewing with Spandex, defintely would check her out!

I apologize in advance for not taking more pictures >O<!

M A T E R I A L S:

Iron on tearaway stabilizer
Sewing Machine
4 way stretch spandex

S T E P S:

1. Take the black spandex, and iron on the stabilizer over the right side of the fabric. Make sure your iron is not too hot to melt the spandex, on my iron I used the silk setting–but make sure to test it out on a scrap fabric.

2. Draw the outline of the triangle on to the stabilizer, and then within the triangle draw the Phoenix symbol. Keep in mind that you want the most stretch to be across because the fabric will need to stretch the most horizontally across the chest rather then up and down.

phoenix emblem 01

3. Cut out the phoenix symbol. Crash Culture suggests using a pair of sharp scissors, but because I felt the Phoenix symbol was a bit tricky and I didn’t want the stabilizer to come off I ended up using an exacto knife and ruler. It may take a few tries with the blade but be patient. You can clean up the edges with a pair of scissors if you want.

4. Now take a piece of the gold spandex and lay it behind the black spandex–you can already see it coming together right? Make sure again that the gold spandex has the most stretch horizontally. Iron on the tear away stabilizer again, over the front. This will make sure that the two fabrics are ‘glued’ together without needing to use pins. Do it again with with stabilizer now attached to the wrong side of the gold fabric. It essentially is making the fabric stiff so that it will not stretch in the machine while holding it together as well.

phoenix emblem 02

5. Using a straight stretch stitch top stitch the black onto the gold. Its up to you on whether or not you want to draw a stitching line, I followed Crash Cultures advice and drew on the stitching line 1/8″ from the edge, and did find it looked neater then if I hadn’t.

6. Carefully rip off the stabilizer, and VOILA! You are done and your phoenix symbol is looking GORGEOUS <3!

If you use this tutorial, send me a comment or message! I love to see people’s work ^O^!



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