Apartment Sewing: EVA Foam is your friend

Hello lovelies <3!

I hope you guys are all doing amazing, this heat wave over here in Orange County has been killer (my poor plants >O<!); bright side is though that it doesn’t make it that hard for me to stay indoors to work on sewing ^O^! (ooooh air conditioning I LOVE YOU)

Anyway today’s post is going to be about sewing in an Apartment because not everyone has the luxury of living on the first floor or in a house. Since moving into our own place Josh and I have lived in a 2nd floor apartment and a 4th floor apartment; and in doing so we ran across some difficulties with our neigbors! Mainly the one thing that we didn’t really realize before moving into an apartment was how very very inappropriate our hobby was for apartment living!

One of the main dilemmas we faced was the fact that running a sewing machine/serger/embroidery machine constantly is incredibly hard on the neighbors. The problem is that the vibration the sewing machine causes, runs through the floors and walls. This causes a constant noise for your downstairs neighbor (and let me tell you it can drive normal, sweet neighbors CRAZY).

The solution? EVA FOAM.20140513_213837

I now always sew with a layer of EVA foam underneath my sewing machine/table. It doesn’t completely negate the effect–but because of how it works it significantly dampens the vibrations and noise that run through your floor.


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