Costume Blueprint: Bill Nye The Science Guy

Recently my little brother asked me to help him out with an event his club was having at his school. He and several other clubs on campus ended up managing to raise enough money to get Mr. BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY (yeah that’s right BILL NYE) out to Calstate Fullerton to speak, and this big sis couldn’t be prouder.

To help him promote the event, I wrote up a post on ‘Cosplaying Bill Nye the Science Guy’ and am just now getting around to posting it here, because let’s face it–I LOVE BILL NYE (a total blast from my past!).

This cosplay is totally up to you on how much you want to spend. In this case I think it’s worthwhile to invest in a nicer pair of black pants at least, because chances are you’ll use them in your day to day wear as well as cosplay (i.e. interviews, nice dinners etc.).

The Bill Nye Basics ($-$$)

1. Blue Lab Coat // Red Kap $20
2. White Button Down Shirt // H&M $14.95
3. Black Pants // GAP $49.95
4. Bow Tie // Tok Tok Designs $6.95
Total: $91.85


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