Pattern for Final Fantasy X-2 Rikku Scarf

Hello lovelies!

It’s finally cooling down, and turning out to be a lovely May! I’m hoping that we’ll get some spring flowers before the heat of a Southern California summer comes swinging into full gear!

Speaking of Summer though, one of my all time favorite geek girls of summer would have to be the effervescent and fantastic Rikku from the Final Fantasy X franchise. Her thief cosplay was a dream of mine, so last year–I finally did it, and decided to share the pattern with y’alls in case there are any other Rikku lovers out there!

I also have her scarf up for sale in my my etsy shop.For this scarf I used a modified Woven Transverse Herringbone Stitch knit in the round, I really wanted that zig zag that is in a lot of Rikku’s official artwork. I knit it in the round so that you can’t see the ugly boring backside of the stitch, and to add weight to the scarf itself. It’s up to you how you want to go about getting the gorgeous color of the scarf, I chose to knit then dye the scarf.

As a heads up, my method is not meant for beginner knitters or dyers, I would only recommend this to people who have knit long projects before and are willing to put some work into the dyeing process as the scarf took me about 2-3 months to knit in my spare time (i.e. every lunch break and every night) + 2-3 days of full on morning to night dyeing.

Feel free to substitute different yarns and coloring methods <3, this is just how I went about knitting my scarf :3. I am currently working on a commission for a Rikku scarf, so I will post how I dyed the scarf later!


3 skeins of lace weight yarn
4 double pointed Knitting Needles
Stitch Marker


3.5″ wide
however long you want 🙂


For this pattern I knit with all three strands of yarn together at the same time. I never really had a problem with the balls of yarn getting tangled together, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

CO 38 stitches. Evenly distribute across the three needles. Place stitchholder onto your knitting needles, and knit into the first stitch that you cast on. This is the beginning of your pattern.

{ row oo1 } K3 *sl2wyif, k2*
{ row oo2 } K2 *sl2wyif, k2*
{ row oo3 } k1 *sl2wyif, k2*
{ row oo4 } sl2wyif, *k2 sl2wyif*
repeat rows 1-4 8x.

{ row 005 } k1 *sl2wyif, k2*
{ row o06 } K2 *sl2wyif, k2*
{ row o07 } K3 *sl2wyif, k2*
{ row 008 } sl2wyif, *k2 sl2wyif*
repeat rows 5-8 7x.

{ row 009 } k1 *sl2wyif, k2*
{ row o10 } K2 *sl2wyif, k2*
{ row o11 } K3 *sl2wyif, k2*
{ row o12 } K2 *sl2wyif, k2*
{ row o13 } k1 *sl2wyif, k2*
{ row 014 } sl2wyif, *k2 sl2wyif*

Repeat all until scarf is desired length and then bind off.

*disclaimer* I’m totally fine with y’alls using this pattern for personal use, but please don’t use this pattern to sell :). It may sound silly but I did spend a lot of time researching various knits and demoing this pattern so that it would look right.

credits: cosplay made by dokitude. wig by necrochic. photo by fremenphotog, soujians.


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