Costume Blueprint: Misty

Hello hello!

For this weeks Blueprint, I decided to go with another super budget friendly + easy cosplay–everyone’s favorite Pokemon girl, MISTY! (what? May who?) I loved watching Pokemon growing up, and Misty was pretty IDK, KICK-ASS?! Lolololol, the best thing about this cosplay is that it’s also pretty comfortable to wear (no heatstroke that’s for sure!)

The bigger question when it comes to her, is which Pokemon you’ll carry with her! Togepi? Staryu? …PSYDUCK?

Feel free to switch out the shoes, as they are the priciest part of the cosplay (BUT I MEAN WHO DOESN’T WANT TO ROCK SOME CONVERSES?!) THe only bit of extra work you need to do is dye the shirt according to the instructions :3!

Misty ($-$$)

1. Red Sneakers // $50
2. Red Suspenders // Amazon $5.46
3. Cuffed Jean Shorts // Forever 21 $14.80
4. Togepi Plushie // Amazon $18
5. Cropped Tank // Wet Seal $6.50
6. Lemon Yellow Rit Dye | AMAZON $6.32
Total: $101.08


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