Sailor Moon Crystal { episode oo1 }

I finally sat down to watch the long awaited and super duper hyped Sailor Moon Crystal, and all I can say is that I was pleasantly surprised (even if my eye’s did threaten to roll a couple times against their will). As a disclaimer, growing up I loved Sailor Moon but I wouldn’t call myself an uber fan, (Sailor Jupiter was my favorite though). I also was someone who definitely preferred the Manga to the Anime too :3.

Sailor Moon Crystal - OP - Large 02

First off I would like to say that I actually like the art style, and how they animated it–for me it was incredibly reminiscent of the Manga when I read it as a girl, full of flowing lines and softness. I also deeply enjoyed how they toned down how freaking ANNOYING Usagi was in the Anime. To prep I had recently re watched a couple episodes of the original anime and was taken aback by how viciously annoying and ineffectual Usagi seems now, to the point where I was genuinely wondering how on earth someone like Tuxedo Mask (who is significantly her elder) could possibly fall in love with her. Thankfully they fixed that in the reboot, and I found her much more charming, with some understandable bits of immaturity.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 01 - Large 26

I also loved loved loved that they are playing up the Usagi and Mamoru relationship, which I remember being much much more important in the Manga. Overall I’m loving the updated pacing (yay for Ami next epi!), updated artwork, and overall updated everything. Its kind of great to see how far Anime has come since Sailor Moon first debuted!

Sailor Moon Crystal - 01 - Large 04

There was only one tiny problem I had overall with the episode, and that was the music and staging at certain points (cue giggling). I found it a little bit heavy handed and over dramatic every time she started doing anything iconically Sailor Moon (transformation, brooch, catchphrase). I mean the music that heralded those moments, you would have thought it was like Lord of the Rings or something. I thought a little over the top, but hopefully that’ll only be in the first episode and they’ll tone everything back a notch.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 01 - Large 36 (1)

I mean I get that Sailor Moon is big, but you know its still an Anime Episode, and Usagi really isn’t that type of character. I suppose I would have preferred something a little bit more elegant then having to be reminded that “THIS IS THE SAILOR MOON MOMENT YOU”VE BEEN WAITING FOR” every time she did anything cool. (That and was anybody else a little bit put off by the transformation scene? Was that CG or am I crazy? It kinda seemed weird to me when everything else was drawn).

Sailor Moon Crystal - 01 - Large 34

credits: screencaps from, next time I’ll try capping them on my own 🙂


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