Material Shopping: Yoko Littner’s Rifle

Hey guys!

I just got paid so naturally I skedaddled over to Home Depot and picked up the supplies for my first ever major Prop! I’m super excited because its the first time I’m ever going to build anything (mostly) on my own :3! Its not that Josh can’t do it, I’ve just been pulling him away from a lot of his own projects, so I thought I’d give prop making a try!


For anyone else building the Rifle, Blind Squirrel has a pretty cool breakdown of how he built his here :3. It’s a great guide to use as a jumping off base!20140715_203335

The only thing I wasn’t able to pick up at Home Depot was the Styrene sheet, but I still managed to get most of the materials for under $60 which I don’t think is bad at all!

Anyway, stick around! This project could either turn out to be AMAZING or HORRIBLE!


credits:: yoko ref image found here


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