Comic-con 2014

Hey y’alls!!

Who’s all at Comic-con already?! I’m actually only going tomorrow afternoon to hang out and see people :3! It’s probably safer for certain people *cough*Benedict Cumberbatch*cough* that I don’t be too close to them anyway! In light of Comic-con though, here’s an old cosplay I made, finished for the first Avengers movie midnight showing! Ms. Marvel! SHE’S AN AVENGER TOO, DAMNIT. It was my first time working with any type of stretch fabric, so I learned a lot ^O^!
3340696P.S. I’m still holding out hope to see Ms. Marvel in an Avengers Movie! She could totally kick some major *FREAKING* ass!

creditsphoto taken by Rodney JG, cosplay made by dokitude, wig is from Ardawigs


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