Some Crazy Fun!

Hello lovelies!

Lately I’ve been having some insane weekends *O*! I work full time, so I do most of my cosplay crafting and work-shopping at night and on the weekends! So, recently my weekends have been non-stop getting as much as possible done + with con season in full swing rushing around trying to see all my long distance friends ^O^!20140726_143901_resizedAnyway, went to SDCC to hang out with some friends from Norcal (and can I just say $50 for close to con all day parking?! Sadly I considered that a steal/worth it! An even closer one was $60, you know a con is successful when the parking is almost twice the cost of other con’s badges :3.)20140726_184542_resizedI hung out in Rikku all day with my friend who was cosplayed with Yuna, just derping and photoshooting around with Muratsuri Photography! Even if you don’t go into the con hall SDCC is always great because the atmosphere is just so much fun! It’s like a crazy, all city convention XD! Got some great advice for posing (guys, when it hurts, you know its a good pose *^*).20140727_180100_resized_1Then the next day we went over to Sweatshop 202’s workshop to try and bust out some Yoko rifles! Turns out he had just gotten a commission for one, and he knew that I was working on it as well-so we went over and joined forces to assembly line out the rifles. We got a lot done and the rifles are coming together a lot faster then I was originally expecting it too ^O^! (Many thanks to John Conley Photography for coming out and helping us charge through them as well!)20140727_194804_resized_1How about you guys?! What are you guys up to and making?


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