Rikku + Scarf Dyeing

Hey guys!

We’re busily finishing up commissions this week, so I apologize in advance that I won’t be posting any major tutorials this week–but with all the crazy progress we’re making I’ve been snapping pictures so I’ll have some ready for you next week! rikkuGot my first shot back from Comiccon and I’m loving it! To be honest, aside from wigs I find that modeling/posing/beinganysortofphotogenic to be really challenging, so whenever I get great pictures back I REJOICE! That and I just love throwing the peace sign around ^O^!20140729_224823In other news I’ve been spending this whole week dyeing the Rikku Scarf commission, so look forward to that tutorial!

Oh and happy Wednesday’s guys, I hope it’s a glorious one for you! -XOXO

credits Photo taken by Muramatsuri Photos’, cosplay made by dokitude, wig commissioned from Necrochic, blades made by Sweatshop 202, picture edited by me using A Beautiful Mess Photo Actions


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