Let’s Go August!

Hey guys!

I can’t believe it’s already August! July was a whirlwind of activity this year, in fact I still feel like it’s the week before AX and I’m scrambling to get done in time! Needless to say, it doesn’t look like my August will be slowing down, in fact I was kind of excited to find that it’s almost like I have a con a month all the way through January (WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!).7536241156566197170This month I’m planning on attending JapanExpo–to be honest it was a really tough call for me. I was really torn between attending JapanExpo or AnimeCalifornia!, and in the end we decided to go with JapanExpo. I haven’t heard amazing things about JapanExpo from last year–but I’m hoping that it may be a little bit better this year :3. We didn’t get to make it up for Fanime this year, and we really enjoy going up to Norcal because Josh and I have a lot of great friends living up there. So, we decided on JapanExpo!

For those who are going to be in the SoCal region, check out AnimeCalifornia! It’s a sparkling new con, and from the pictures the hotel looks pretty spiffy!!
20130629161741!Daqiao-dw8What I’m working on this month are Da Qiao from Dynasty Warriors 8, and Yoko + Kamina from Gurren Lagann! Da Qiao I’m hoping to tentatively debut at JapanExpo because I already have all the fabric that I need for Da Qiao ^O^.

What about you guys? How are your Augusts shaping up to be?


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