Monday Madness!

Hello you gorgeous people you!

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! Mine was busy, and I’m currently running on like 3 hours of sleep–but we got our major commission finished and shipped to Germany! RIGHT ON TIME! BOOMSHAKA!
3249015As a description for my mood today, on this Monday morning, have an old fun AX shot of my Gadget Hackwrench cosplay. All i can think is…AAAARGGGH!!! That moment when you realize how far you have come as a cosplayer :’>! But most importantly, Yuqi, WHY DID YOU NOT REMOVE THE HAIRTIE ON YOUR WRIST?!

I’ve got some great things for you guys to look forward to this week, so keep your eyeballs peeled! I did a pretty fun Phoenix shoot on Saturday with my amazing, and talented friend Harvestbuddy, the shots I’m getting back are pretty amazing, so I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE. NOTE! Jumping in high heels on one foot, not only hilarious but HARD! I think I’m going to try and .gif all 8 tries, a phoenix, FLAILING IN THE WIND!
In addition to that, look forward to some tutorials coming up: Rikku’s Arm Sleeves (sewing), Yoko’s Skull Clip (polymer clay), and Gadget Hackwrench ears (sewing)! Best part though? I can finally start working on Da Qiao! I’ve just been itching to get started on her!!

Random note, did anyone see Guardians of the Galaxy!? I’m looking forward to going to see it! This weekend as a reward, I will go see it! And I WILL LOVE ME SOME ROCKET AND GROOT!

credits: Cosplay made by dokitude; photo taken by Rodney JG.


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