Recipe: Simple Salmon Sashimi Don

Hey guys!!

Lately its been pretty hot in So Cal, so I’ve been making this dish a lot. It’s a great dish for when you don’t want to cook over the stove, and don’t have much time. I’d say it takes only about 5 minutes to make, if you don’t include the time for cooking the rice. Josh and I like it a lot because its filling, but pretty simple (and we both loooove salmon sashimi!) The best part is the Salmon Sashimi + Salmon Roe costs about $10 from the store, so it’s a lot cheaper then going out and getting sushi from a restaurant!20140807_211442This is actually is my take on the Green Pea Rice + Tuna & Avocado Donburi that is in Harumi’s Japanese Home Cooking. This was one of my first cookbook’s and I highly reccommend it!

I N G R E D I E N T S:

Raw Salmon (sashimi grade)
Green Peas
Salmon Roe
Green Onions
Hot White Rice (make sure that it is Japanese/Korean/Chinese Rice)

Please make sure that your Salmon is sashimi grade + fresh! It is a terrible idea to eat fish that’s gone bad, especially so if it’s raw!

D I R E C T I O N S:

1. Prepare the white rice. While the white rice is cooking, get your peas ready. I use freezer peas just because it’s quicker and easier to keep a stash of green peas in the freezer. I defrost them by pouring them into a bowl with room temperature water, and then zapping them in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Drain and set aside the peas.
20140807_205801 2. Get out your green onions and slice some up to use as a garnish, set aside.
3. The white rice should be done cooking now, so open up your rice cooker and pour all the peas in.
20140807_205811 4. Stir the rice carefully so that all the peas get mixed in. Shut the lid again to let the peas warm up completely while you cut the salmon.
20140807_205904 5. Slice the salmon sashimi  into bite sized chunks. I like to leave them a little on the big size so it feels more hearty.
6. Now the fun part assembly! Dish out the rice, and then sprinkle the rice with furikake (don’t put too much on as the salmon roe is quite powerful). After the furikake layer on the Salmon Sashimi, and then the Salmon Roe. Garnish with your sliced green onions.
20140807_210437When eating this dish Josh and I stir all the ingredients together so it all melds together, and is almost like a glorified fried rice! This is just a basic recipe and you could totally make other adjustments, like adding avocado or garnishing with seaweed. You can also leave out the peas, but I like sneaking in vegetables when I can :)!

I totally think it’s up to you!

Enjoy! XOXO


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