Monday Detox

What up y’alls!?

I had a fantastic weekend, because we finally took a small break from everything–and it was glorious! We’ve been running on fumes for the last two weeks now, so it’s been great to just have a weekend where we did absolutely nothing and were as lazy as we wanted to be! I think we’re going to make it a rule, one weekend a month for relaxing mini-vacations!

We did get a little progress done, as we may or may not be workaholics! Josh was awesome and got the 3D model + print of the Yoko hairclip done, so here’s a preliminary shot of it! It’s straight out of the printer and unfinished but it looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself!
And then of course who could resist trying it on with the wig?! I actually am planning on remaking the scarf, because I found some thicker fleece that I like a lot more. The wig…well yes, I have trouble with wigs :3. I may or may not stay with this one, I’m debating on splurging on an Ardawig, as I really do love Arda!20140810_232740_resized_1In other news, Josh and I are actually getting married next year, and because of con + orders I had been putting off important wedding things but now that things are getting back under control we’re totally getting back into that as well! We’re thinking of forgoing on the cake, and getting a fluff ice truck instead :D! So we had fun taste testing :P.20140810_180110_resized_1And oh yeah, happy monday guys! XOXO


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