Making Dynasty Warrriors 8 Da Qiao’s Accessories

Good Morning Everyone!

Any other Dynasty Warriors lovers out there? I know I AM!!! Dynasty Warriors is the predominant game of my childhood (slash and hack? I hope that doesn’t say weird things about me o.o;!!), and I used to spend hours playing it with my little brother. True sibling bonding time yo~! We always played as Wu, so I’m super excited to finally have gotten around to cosplaying Da Qiao <3! My only sadness is that she no longer wields her badass fans!!! I’m not sure why they changed her weapon up this time around, but I’m hoping that in 9 she’ll be getting them back (yes, I am PRETTY SURE THERE WILL BE A 9).20140807_230508Anyway here’s a tutorial on how I did the Hair Accessories for Da Qiao. This particular method isn’t going to work if you’re going to be stubbing and attaching the pigtails permanently, but I’m sure it can be adapted

M A T E R I A LS:20140807_2015506 Pink Flowers
6 Red Flowers
Floral Wire
Floral Tape
Hot Glue
Wire Cutters
Red Ribbon

1. Pull each of the flowers off their stems, I was lucky enough to be able to just pull them off. You may need to use wire cutters.20140807_202039 2. Take each flower apart, they should come apart fairly easily. You can throw away one set of the stamen + end cap.20140807_202514 3. Take the light pink flower and layer it over the hot pink flower.20140807_202538. Stick the stamen through and cap it.20140807_2026585. Now take some floral wire and using the needle nose pliers twist it into a small circle. This will keep the wire from sliding through, and anchor it in the flower.20140807_220126 6. Slide the wire through the center of the flower and then pull it down so that the small circle of wire is hidden. Use a small drop of hot glue at the base of the flower to anchor it in place.20140807_220245 7. Wrap each stem in floral tape.20140807_2218258. Now take all three flowers and position the one in the middle slightly higher. Wrap them tightly together using floral tape.20140807_2253179. Type your red ribbon around the middle stem and you’re done!20140807_225828


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