My Top 3 Places To Buy Wigs

Hey y’alls!

I hope you guys have all been doing great! Today I thought I’d share with you my top 3 places that I usually get all my wigs from. As a disclaimer, I’m actually not that PRO at styling wigs (as in the minute I touch them they just implode in my hands and seem to melt into a disaster of despair and rattiness). Still now that I’ve gotten the hang of make-up & sewing, I’ve started working on wigs more.logo

1. Arda Wigs
Let’s start with my favorite wig company, which would be Arda Wigs. Their product is incredibly easy to work with, and for me tangled a lot less then other wigs I have worked with. They’re easy to wear and easy to care for, not to mention very easy to style. They have great customer service, and have a huge range of colors + styles. They’re also very very friendly to their clients. They also have a great flickr photoset that allows you to see all the colors and wigs worn by their customers. They also have a great set of ponytail/pigtail wigs for the wig styling challenged (a.k.a me).

If I can spare the extra money, then I will always go with Arda for my first choice, especially for non-anime characters. The Wigs have always photographed like real hair in pictures, and I just love working with them. I will say though if you’re going to order from Arda, plan very far ahead to allow for your item to possibly be out of stock and factor in the more expensive shipping.

PROS: Tons of style, looks gorgeous and natural in photos, tons of colors, very friendly, easy to style, most of their wigs have skin tops (the list goes on and on).

CONS: Their shipping is a bit pricey, because they are very popular they are often out of stock on colors + wigs, if you have a small head their wigs are very large so it can be more difficult to wear.

FAVORITE WIGS: Matilda, Ferrari


3. Ebay
That’s right, ebay. Ebay is my 2nd choice because they have fantastic wigs and most of them are prestyled to look like the character. When you get them in the mail the amount you need to style them is so little that its a cinch. They photograph great and are just so fantastically affordable. The only problem I have with Ebay is that the shipping can take up to a month to get to you, so cosplays need to be planned out far in advance, and last minute purchases are really implausible.

Also when purchasing on ebay, you do need to take a lot of effort to make sure you are purchasing from a trustworthy source. Always always always try and make sure that the seller has high reviews! Sorry, I actually don’t have any pictures of my ebay wigs, partially because I never seem to finish costumes I plan out that far ahead!

2. Epic Cosplay Wigs
Epic Cosplay is my 3rd stop for wigs, and usually the wig company I turn to in case of emergency simply because they’re shipping is free + they are within a 15 minute drive of me, so if I’m SUPER desperate I can drive over their and pick the wigs up. If not I get my wigs from them within 1-2 days of order. They’re rarely out of stock and they also have a plethora of basic wigs in all the gorgeous color quantities you want. These wigs do require a heavy amount of styling, and they look like wigs in pictures.

They are easy to detangle wtih a comb, but they tangle horrendously at the slightest touch, so I would not wear their wigs out without a comb always on hand. For my Pocahontas shoot I had to constantly brush the wig out between takes.

PROS: Gorgeous colors, very thick and full wigs, fast and free shipping, slightly cheaper, easy to detangle

CONS: All the wigs have a button top which makes them a little harder to work with sometimes, the fibers tangle quickly. less realistic in pictures. I also tend to have more trouble with styling bangs out of the wig fiber but this may just be me!

FAVORITE WIGS: PONYTAIL WIG (the wig cap is smaller and they use a fall, not a clip in theirs so the wig is lighter and fits better on me)



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