Public Sewing Announcement: Always. Measure. TWICE.

No one’s perfect, really and if you think you are…well I think you should check your pulse and pinch yourself super hard because you’re either dead or dreaming (preferably the latter).

I’ve been cosplaying for a couple years now, and one thing that I keep reminding myself is–ALWAYS MEASURE TWICE AT LEAST. I admit it can be hard, especially in the wee hours of morning daylight right before con or deadlines; or you’re just so damn excited that you don’t care and you’re not gonna measure and what the hell could go wrong?!

A WHOLE LOT. I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s gotten to the final step and found that I have somehow made something too small, and had to start from square 1 again.

So do yourself, your sanity, and your craft a favor….

Always. Measure. Twice.



3 thoughts on “Public Sewing Announcement: Always. Measure. TWICE.

    • Yuqi says:

      Hey! Yeah! I would take a class at a community college or something, just because its always great to get a handle on the basics and they go over how to care for sewing machines and etc. If you want to just try it out for yourself I would start in muslins and cheap fabrics before sewing your ‘hero’ fabrics ^O^! It takes the stress off, and to start with easy projects. I’d say skirts or dresses with simple seams!

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