My Favorite Tool: A Love Story

Hello again lovelies…now for a change of pace.

Have you guys ever met someone and just known that this person–would make everything better? Not only does your life become easier with them at your side, but it’s like now you are seeing the world with brand new eyes. Birds chirp and you start performing a fantastic Broadway status song and dance number right in the middle of the street–yeah screw you people who are driving, I am having a bona fide MOMENT.

That’s what happened to me when I met….

MY RULER, that’s right all 18 inches of it.

61Dt6vzu2hL._SL1500_I’m serious, I didn’t know how the hell I managed to survive without this gorgeous, translucent thing! Seam allowances? Easy, marking patterns, no sweat. It was like I’d been living in the dark ages until I met my ruler, and since then I have expanded my ruler arsenal to TWO. In fact for my birthday, christmas, major holidays, minor holidays, if-you-just-plan-on-giving-me-a-present-because-you-love-me-and-think-i’m-awesome—give me this ruler. I think I should start naming them after dreamy male eye-candy, why yes Mr. Darcy I would love your help in hemming this piece of fabric! (Would that be weird? Rather has this post not already descended into weird territory?)

If you haven’t already welcomed one into your life—well…DO IT NOW. Seriously I can’t make a costume without it now. I even had an episode where I think I burst into despondent tears a few days before con because I had LOST MY RULER and had to use a regular 12-inch opaque one. (I-CAN’T-WORK-UNDER-THESE-CONDITIONS!! Oh yeah I had a MLP Rarity moment. It was glorious and hugely embarassing at the same time; which, also may be the reason why Josh quickly bought me a spare.)


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