Comparison Is The Thief of Joy

Hey guys!

Here we are again, and its the start of another week! I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been slightly despondent at the start of the week, so I’ve decided to change my tune and start being more positive about it all. I feel like trying to start the week on a positive foot can only help to have positive things happen!

Anyway, I’m obsessed with Etsy, and lately I’ve been obsessed with all the gorgeous art and prints you can find on Etsy and I may or may not have a slightly addiction with buying artwork online (I’ll hang it all I SWEAR). These gorgeous prints have been in my shopping cart for ages now, because I love the sentiment!

penanpaint $10 // BisforBonnie $20 // daydrifter digital $4.99 // cardvarkdesigns $12.00 // farmhouseprintables $5.00

They’re all so gorgeous I really can’t decide which one I want! I’m going to hang it either in my workshop or in my living room, because comparison is something I struggle with daily. It’s so easy to compare yourself to other people and only see the good in other people and the bad in one’s self, that I think we all need to be reminded once in a while that our value is not based off of how we compare our triumphs against others.


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