Wedding Wednesday: Favors

Hey y’alls!

Josh and I are getting married next year, and we’re deep into our wedding planning! I’ve been having fun looking at all the amazing things people have been doing, with all sorts of budget levels and can I just say that all you brides out there rock?! There’s so much amazing going on, that I.CAN’T.EVEN.

seattle bride// a handcrafted wedding // treat me sweet // diy wrapped candy bars // elizabeth anne designs

I’ve lately been googling DIY favors and/or budget ones because really sometimes you gotta face the facts, and my reality is that as much as I wish I had a mondo limitless budget-I don’t. I do want to give my guests something as a thank you for even attending our big day and for sharing it with us though, and I’ve found a few options that I just love. Not gonna lie I am so torn right now between all the possibilities! The succulents, honey jars, and macaron favors are currently my favorites!

I’ll probably be crunching some numbers later and I’ll share to just let you guys know what falls where on what budget :)!


2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Favors

  1. Megan says:

    Just a suggestion to narrow it down- as much as you make like the succulents so guests may be like “great now I have a plant to take care of” or not really like plants all too much. You know your guests best but i figured I’d bring that up in case you hadn’t thought of that. Also the honey one might be good because most everyone like honey and people can cook with it.

    • Yuqi says:

      Oh!!! That’s actually a great thing to keep in mind about succulents and plants :’D! I didn’t think about that :3! And I totally agree about honey, I don’t think I know anyone allergic to it either!

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