Japan Expo & Dynasty Warriors

Hey y’alls!

Sorry I’ve been quiet, just recovering a bit from the lead up to to Japan Expo! Overall it was a satisfactory weekend, and I had a great time–unfortunately it wasn’t due to the con! I got in my two location shoots with Muramatsuri Photos, but I was unable to go to Japan Expo on Saturday–to my chagrin!I had prepped money to buy my pass on-site, and was super disappointed to find out that it was a cash only ticket line! I mean what? I was then told that I could spend an extra $4 at the ATM to get money and as my group that I had carpooled with didn’t really want to go into Japan Expo I ended up having to call it. Needless to say, for such a small start-up con–why cash only to get the badge!? I’ve been to quite a few cons, and I’ve never heard of that before!

Still we managed to go shoot at the Chinese garden in San Jose and it was great! I have to thank Muramatsuri and Rina for coming to shoot Dynasty Warriors with me :). It was definitely a dream come true to finally cosplay Da Qiao! There are some little things here and there that I need to fix, but overall I’m pretty pleased with how Da Qiao came out!


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