Store Updates

Hey y’alls!

I can’t believe it’s almost September, what a whirlwhind! Is anyone else feeling like time is going FAR TOO FAST?! We closed our shop down at the beginning of the month in order to get a handle on things, and so there will be some changes to things. Most importantly we’re trying to move towards having stock readily available–as opposed to made to order, as well as changing our international shipping methods.

Anyway thought I’d share whats going on in our workshop! Here’s some shots of me sanding away at our Pocahontas necklace, wearing a mask because safety is always key :3.
20140828_002511_resizedOur 3D printers our working away as well getting more sets printed out!20140827_220332_resizedAnd below is something new that we’re adding to our shop! This is just the first part of the set, I’m hoping to get the hair chopsticks and scarves done to sell it in a set with the rest of Yoko’s items!20140827_220309_resizedAnyways, pretty excited!



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