Mickey’s Halloween Party 2014

Hey guys!

I hope you guys had a great Labor Day weekend! I love that September starts with such a bang! It’s like the universe knows that we all need one deep calm breath before school and craziness start up again! Anyways with September’s arrival comes the big question I have every year, “Which Disney Character am I gonna be for Halloween?!”

I’m lucky enough to live in Southern California, so I try to go to Mickey’s Halloween Party every year. With that tradition in mind I like to bust out a new Disney princess costume for Halloween and with that comes my everlasting back and forth on who to cosplay! I’ve so far done, Jane, Gadget Hackwrench, Kida, and Pocahontas (I’m only not counting Anna because she was not finished for Halloween).
Aladdin-9956This year I’m vacillating between Mulan and Jasmine. Really I’d love to do Princess Jasmine this year, but DAT HAIR. I mean …..like Aladdin said right? “That hair, wow!”
Reflection-mulan-32957031-1904-1071If you guys are interested in Halloween Party, you can get your tickets here. Tickets start at $63 for non pass holders, and $56 for passholders.

I advise getting them sooner then later because they start selling out pretty quickly!


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