Etsy Shop Re-Opening

Hello peoples!

Our etsy shop just reopened this past Monday :)! We had closed it in order to rework some things, and readjust policies and pricing, so hopefully things should be running smoother again. So far we only have the Gadget Goggles up and the Pocahontas Necklace, but we should hopefully have the Beast horns and Yoko’s scarf + hairclip up by the end of next week.il_570xN.547322955_3ry9All of our product that we sell are items that I have used or will be using for my own cosplay’s so we do introduce product slower (and based off my cosplay choices :3). Josh is a firm supporter and believer in 3D printing, so most of our items are made using printed ABS plastic.il_570xN.547236558_skf7Check it out if you’re interested! The only note I’d have to mention is that since Josh and I both work full time, we’ll only be accepting guaranteed Halloween orders for International buyers until October 1st, and domestic buyers until October 15th :3.


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