Staple: Black Flats

UntitledI think that everyone should really have a great pair of black flats in their wardrobe, specifically a plain, unadorned matte round toe black flat. It’s a fabulous staple for both everyday wear (because it goes with anything and everything) AND for Cosplay.  Especially if you like cosplaying Disney princesses, Anna, Belle, Mulan, and Cinderella all have outfits in which their wearing black flats. It makes me giggle because I can’t help but think, “See, even princesses believe in sensible shoes!”

I usually buy my flats from Cathy Jean because they have a store close to my house, and their flats are simple and plain. They’re not too expensive, and the quality is good enough where I can wear them daily for a few months before they wear out. The flats in the picture above are here and are $24.99.



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