New Product: Gurren Lagann Yoko Clip Coming Soon!

20140907_232600_resized_1I hope the weekend was amazing for all of you guys :)! We’ve had some crazy humid weather here in SoCal, and at first I was like “GROSS HUMIDITY ERMAHGERD I’M NOT LEAVING THIS HOUSE”, but then Josh told me that this may be in fact a sign of El Nino, and I became reconciled to the humidity! Hey, I don’t mind humidity as long as we get rain to help get us out of this KILLER DROUGHT.

We’ve started finishing up the Yoko Clips this weekend, and as you can see its like a Yoko TAKE-OVER, Yoko, you are definitely MY STAR! We managed to test out the clip and it works like a charm <3! I’m so super pumped to get back to the gym and back to sewing Yoko now!  This clip is going to be sold on its own or can also be bought as part of a set :3. We plan on also having a Yoko accessory set up (hair clip, scarf, hair sticks).20140907_234138_resized_1(1)If you want to make your own Yoko scarf, I posted a step by step tutorial here!



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