Vendor: M&L Fabrics

20140817_160721_resizedI’m lucky enough to live in Socal, and only about an hour away from the LA Fabric District–but confession? I’ve never gone shopping at the LA Fabric District before. This may be from my absolutely horror at the idea of driving through LA (WHY SO MANY ONE WAY STREETS?!), but really its because I have what I need close by. I do most of my special fabric shopping online, and for everything else I need I go to Joanns or M&L Fabrics.

If you live near Anaheim, M&L Fabrics is just a fabulous resource, their prices are great and they have a huge selection. They also have a pretty amazing spandex section–I bought all of my Phoenix fabrics here. They really do have almost everything you need, in a huge assortment of colors. You CAN find bolts of high quality wool and silk here, but it is FAR more expensive then ordering online, so I wouldn’t suggest doing that. For everything else though, this is just a great stop.

They carry one of my all time favorite go-to fabrics which is Cotton Sateen in several colors too! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that at Joanns. What about you guys? Do you guys have any discount fabric stores that you like to go by close to your house?


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