Frozen: Anna Coronation Cosplay

10272671_10204157518045284_6961113343279365735_oI realized that I never posted a picture from when I wore my Anna dress :’>! I do need to fix her up a bit because at the end, the mad rush to finish her may have gotten in my way ^O^! I’m pretty satisfied with the skirt, but the top I do need to make adjustments too. I’ll probably do all that before I wear her out again.

The top is made from silk velvet, the skirt from silk dupioni, the wig I purchased from this lovely etsy seller. The embroidery patterns I used I posted here, and for how I created the skirt I posted my pattern here.

I did also do another quick write up here for this cosplay ^O^!

credits: photo taken by Sorrir Photography.


4 thoughts on “Frozen: Anna Coronation Cosplay

  1. CouCou says:

    I have to say that I’m completely amazed by your work on that dress!! Incredible that you did ALL the embroideries.. Especially on the skirt ! 😱
    But the end result is just awesome!!!! 👏👍 congrats !!

    • Yuqi says:

      Hi Debbie! Thank you for the interest :)! I would definitely consider making one to sell; however, it would be very expensive because of how time intensive the cosplay is. If I made it the exact same way as before I would charge minimum $2500 per dress ^^.

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