Happenings This Weekend

tumblr_nbnb69D5sd1tz98xro1_400Tomorrow I’ll be over at Wonderground in  Downtown Disney during their Artist Event because one of my favorite artists, Liana Hee is going to be debuting her BEAUTIFUL Pocahontas Print (see above)–and I’m so going to be there and all over that! Pocahontas is one of my absolutely favorite Princesses! She’s going to be there to do signings between 11-1! She has some of her prints up on her Etsy, here.New Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Fire posterOn Sunday, I’m going to be at the LA Eiga Fest, because you guys, KENSHIN 2 IS FINALLY OUT! Where are all my Rurouni Kenshin fans at?! I’m so excited you don’t even KNOW, I’m sure its going to be AMAZING. I’m not sure if there are any tickets are still available, but if they are–I think its totally worth it!



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