Pattern: Pocahontas Tattoo

Pocahontas Tattoo 2For Pocahontas, I tried several methods on how to best do the tattoo she has on her arm; and found that getting a temporary tattoo made was the easiest option. I tried painting it on and it was just far too messy and I don’t have much luck with the make up/paint rubbing off. The tattoo instead stayed on for quite some time, and didn’t wear off until I removed it. It was also nice to not have to worry about making it look perfect or worry about it rubbing off on my clothing.

In order to save the pattern just right click it and save the full size file. I highly suggest testing the scale by printing it and cutting it out. The tattoo is actually a tiny bit too small around for me (about 1/2″) but I just put that section on the inside of my arm and it wasn’t noticeable :). We used, for our tattoo because we found it affordable and the quality was superb!


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