Yoko Littner Progress + Buyables

20140917_212907I’ve been steadily collecting items to get my Yoko cosplay done, and I managed to find the shorts (finally)! This is the perfect time to go shopping at the mall for leather shorts because I happened to find some at several stores, so at that point its all a fit thing. My one warning would be that right now it still looks like high-waists are in (soooo unflattering on me :’>). Still my final stop of the night had me landing at Foreign Exchange, and they had the perfect pair of faux black leather shorts for $24–not gonna lie I’m totally going to go back and get a pair of red ones too :3!26a5d0e2420b321061e6f3db40300865_365_547_55873My advice would be to get a waist band that sits right on you, because its easier to hem something up, then it is to reconstruct the entire waistband! The added bonus of my night was the fact that Hot Topic has a great pair of little faux leather fingerless gloves ($12.50) that I’m going to be using for the base of her gloves. 10052880_av1For the rest, the wig is from Epiccosplay wig, and the skull clip is up on our Etsy store <3! Yoko scarf pattern here!


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