Yoko Littner Progress

Happy Monday guys!

Thats right, I’m a firm believer that positivity in the face of something you’re not looking forward to is the only way to get through it sometimes–so…HAPPY MONDAY. I hope your weekends were all great! Josh and I had a blast, because we’ve got no foreseeable deadlines and a fun project to finally be getting back on track with.20140921_171815_resizedWe’re making a lot of progress on our Gurren Lagann cosplays (namely Yoko for now), and I had an adventure working with cement glue yesterday. For her bikini top I’d decided to use leather, but ran into a problem of how to attach it on top of my black top–especially since the top is padded it would be very difficult to sew down, even by hand (leather can be pretty tough). On top of that I didn’t really want to have any stitch marks showing so I ended up deciding to try out cement glue!20140921_180550_resizedNeedless to say it worked, but I was a little bit bummed by how difficult it is to work with on getting neat, but since it was my first time I’m sure it’ll go better the next time I work with it. It so far has dried flexible and soft, so I would definitely recommend this method, but make sure you’re using the type of cement glue that is permanent + flexible.

I’ll be sharing my tutorial later, but quick tip, I always use binder clips when working with leather, because this way they’ll be no horrible little holes in the finished work from the needle. I bought my cement glue from Tandy Leather and let me tell you, it REEKS–so use it outdoors and then let it air for a LONG TIME.

barge-ap-cement-2514-01On another note, THE BIG BANG THEORY DEBUTS TONIGHT~!!! Who isn’t excited about that?! (If you’re not there’s no need to let me know :3).


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