Experimenting with Expandable Foam

859df94b-f6d2-452e-81af-42704da59b63_400I decided to challenge myself a bit on Yoko’s cosplay, and tackle her wig. As mentioned millions of times before, I’m terrible at wig making–we just don’t seem to jive together. I don’t get wigs-and they don’t seem to get me. One of these days we’ll focus on our relationship and get counseling, but until then I’ll pick and choose my battles :3!4950711028_acfd85c6d6_zAnyway we’ve tried out the often touted and highly recommended expandable foam method and I really like it so far! It looked a little bit XXX-rated after we had finished spraying it and before I started carving it but it’s definitely a method we’ll be using again! I HATE carving styrofoam, and TBH ….i never could get the hang of it–but the expandable foam has so far been a LOT easier to carve! I’m sorry I don’t have more progress to show you y’alls but if you’ve been debating on trying out expanding foam I say definitely give it a shot!20140921_203910_resizedWhat is that you ask? Hopefully her ponytail! Though I’ll admit it, for a minute there I wasn’t too sure what it was either >>!

credits:yoko image found here


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