Costume Blueprint: Kim Possible

Guys, what’s the sitch?

Seriously who doesn’t love Kim Possible? In fact, I may go home and marathon some KP, because that girl was fabulous. She taught me that I could not only be a girl, but a girly girl–AND kick ass! Though, funny story, TOTALLY thought her and Ron were cousins for the longest time–so you can see how I was utterly confused when they became a couple. I think it took my friend explaining to me that they were really just childhood best friends before I completely understood the situations :3!

NOTE: I had a lot of problem finding the gloves that I thought would work–and am less then satisfied with the ones I shared, so feel free to substitute whatever you want for those! Just make sure you pick a longer glove so you can fold the bottom up to make that cuff she has! The shoes I didn’t bother with because really, I think any black sneakers would work.

1. Black Long Sleeve Crop Top // Amazon $18.50
2. Tactical Belt // Amazon $29.95
3. Men’s Cargo Pants // H&M $29.95
4. Gloves  // Amazon $37.50
5. Orange Wig// Epic Cosplay $37.99
Total: $153.89


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