Etsy Shop: ArtPopTart

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It’s that time again! I was window shopping Etsy again (that’s a thing right? Well, if it’s not, I’m totally making that a thing), and I stumbled across this gorgeous new shop, ArtPopTart. I first saw the Up print, and then the more I looked through her shop the more I was blown away! I loved the vibrant and fun ways she used colors, and textures–but even more so I love the Pop Art take on the material. That Zebra is to die for, and I love  how textured that British flag looks. The different facets of the Up house are amazing IMO, and I LOVED that Ariel image!  I think any of these images would be bold, fun, and quirky to have in the home <3.

Her prints start at about $27, but it looks like she’s running a sale on the Up image so right now its $21.70.


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