My Sewing Machine

71WYLMoKDDS._SL1500_People always ask for sewing machine recommendations, and my general attitude is whatever works! To be completely honest with you, I do not recommend rushing out and buying a super fancy sewing machine and tools until you’ve been doing your hobby for quite some time! There’s nothing worse then spending hundreds of dollars on tools and finding that you’ve only used it maybe once or twice (the guilt I feel in these moments is pretty intense >O<)!
81IJtLiSQZS._SL1500_I actually used an old, very cheap Brother sewing machine I got from Wal-Mart for the first year of my cosplay journey, and it worked well before giving out :)! I actually am glad I started on an easy to use machine because it was so simple that I wasn’t terrified of breaking it and/or overwhelmed by all the various functions of the machine.

Here are the costumes I made on the old machine:

When I did finally outgrow the machine, Josh was the one who did the research for my next one (as he’s amazing and bought it for me as a gift). He found that the best reviewed to price to usefullness was the Brother CS6000i (which he got off Amazon), and let me tell you, I have had very little complaints with this machine. In fact the only complaint I have is that because the bobbin is a top loader, you do need to order those online and can’t find them in stores. Otherwise, no complaints!

Here are some costumes I made on the new machine:

I love my machine, it’s much quieter then the machine I used before, it has been sturdy, easy to load (which is a dream because the cheap machine I had originally was a BEAST to load), and done everything I asked of it. Would I buy it again? Yes. In a heartbeat. I’ve had it for over two years now, and I have had nothing but a great relationship with it!

Most importantly I want you guys to remember that the sewing machine, really is just a tool! A lot of it is based on the perseverance, and skill of the person using it too (or sheer pigheaded stubborness <–me).

credits: Jane + Gadget photographed by us, Velvet + Pocahontas photographed by Harvestbuddy, Saber Lily photographed by Winterwish, Haruhi by BlizzardTerrak, Anna by Sorrir Photography. All cosplays made by me, Saber Lily sword made by Sweatshop 202.


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