Macross World Convention 2014

New-Flyer-2014-300-SmallAny Macross Fans out there?!

Macross World Con is a small con happening this weekend for Macross fans! It’s not the crazy big extravaganza that Anime Expo or Comic-con is, but I have heard that its full of heart and super fun! Its a Macross centered con, so I’d say you’d have to be a fan in order to get the true enjoyment out of it. I was planning on going but then I found out that I have to work this Saturday, so please go have fun in my stead!Ishtar-pin-up-four-with-text-SmallI’m sure it’ll be super DECULTURE~!!!

In news on my end, I spent the whole weekend sleeping basically! I didn’t realize how sleep deprived we were until we got home Saturday and Sunday and just slept! So bad news is, not much progress done this weekend. Great news? Josh is done with his GRE and we’re both no longer sleep deprived zombies, so we’re jumping back into working on things at full speed!


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