Yoko Littner Rifle Progress!

So, now that our resident Propmaster (what a fancy name~~~~ though I think I still prefer Josh), is done with the stress of taking the GRE, he is back in full force on Yoko’s rifle and it’s coming together much faster then I think either one of us anticipated *O*.20140929_214925Pretty smexy right?!

This is made out of a combination of PVC pipe that we already had (the black on top), PVC we bought, MDF board that we banded together with Sweatshop 202 + John Conley Photography to make and cut (super thanks to you awesome peoples you!) A lot of the other items are 3D Modeled and printed, so this project has been really neat in using all the tools we have at hand to pull a project together! Also I wish I had taken a better picture of the grip, but our intern, Julian, did such a beautiful job on helping us sand it down! It’s so smooth the touch, and the rounding is really great. 20140929_213147Of course, our resident super awesome kinda intern pointed out that Josh had accidentally cut the bolt thingamajig (<–this is why I should probably not do the prop write ups, he knows what the official lingo is :’>) on the wrong side–a.k.a for a left handed person, but thankfully PVC is sooooo super affordable that the problem has been rectified and fixed since then!


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