Etsy Shop: MissBajoCollection

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These amigurumi by MissBajoCollection are ADORABLE. I saw them and I was all like this shit is bananas…B.A.N.A.N.A.S (in a good way). I ❤ Amigurumi in a big way, and I often try to pick up the needle to make these ADORABLE THINGS at home, but there’s something about coming up with your own pattern and level of cuteness that I never seem to quite grasp (not to mention, I always seem to lose count as I go around and around). It’s really a perennial thing for me, my attempt to start crocheting Amigurumi–it goes like an hour in and then as always I get distracted.

So, that means that whenever I see amigurumi that just seems to balance the level of cuteness + charm I lose my mind. I mean LOOK at that squirtle! How could Pokemon + Amigurumi go wrong? In this case, it really doesn’t! These little adorable things, would make amazing stocking stuffers and little gifts–or if you’re ambitious I could see them very easily being turned into adorable ornaments for the holidays!

Her work starts at about $10 and goes up from there <3!


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