Yoko Littner Wig Progress


Good morning y’alls! I hope that you guys had a great weekend :)! Ours was fairly uneventful, but in a good way! Sometimes uneventful is GREAT.

I spent all of Sunday working on Yoko’s wig, and overcoming some wig fears of mine–long held ones. Recently Josh helped me realize that the reason why I sucked at wigs is because I didn’t have enough GUMPTION. I kept freaking out before getting too deep and TBH I personally think that wigs can sense fear. No seriously they sensed my fear and weakness!20141005_223515_resizedThis time around it has gone…AMAZING. I got my wig + wefts in and they are a gorgeous color (my horrible home yellow lighting does it no justice)! I chose to go with Crimson from Arda Wigs, and guys…no joke they’re colors are gorgeous. I’m so pleased with the color, and Arda really has some gorgeous wigs. Definitely worth checking them out!

I managed to resize the wig to fit my head using Pretty Kitty’s tutorial (you’re amazing!), and I definitely think it’s something I’m going to do to all my wigs in the future, because it is FAR more comfortable then relying on the elastics ^O^! I already had my ponytail ready to wrap with fiber, and I used a LOT of various tutorials, but mainly NekoNami’s tutorial for her Nui Harime hair. It’s been my first time working on a major wig and to be honest I’m LOVING how this is turning out.

It seems like the best advice I’ve gotten from all the tutorials and wig people so far has been, “Don’t worry it’s going to look like CRAP before it looks amazing.”

Here’s hoping they’re right ^O^!


2 thoughts on “Yoko Littner Wig Progress

    • Yuqi says:

      We’re not quite finished yet (because I’ve been lazy), but we are going to try and stub it as usual, with also a nail through the stub like Kukkii-san suggest. The ponytail so far isn’t super duper heavy but it is bulky so I am also planning on sewing one of those flexible combs all around the inside to help anchor it–and maybe even a clear strap that will go under my chin to help :3.

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