My Feels | Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Epi 1

81286-c098999f57aca003ce365eaf1adec216So I finally sat down to watch Fate/Stay Night last night, and I’m just. I can’t even! I loved it! I didn’t have time to do any screen caps last night, so instead, YOU GET ALL MY RIN COSPLAY PICTURES (it is her route after all! And we Rin cosplayers need to represent :3).

I’m not going to lie, I did think that the first prelude part was intensely boring–and felt that it really dragged until she summoned Archer (despite the beautiful graphics and the great  Visual Novel feel). Once she summoned Archer though, everything became AMAZING. As a disclaimer, I have never played the Visual Novel. I have seen the original Fate/Stay Night (which I loved), and Fate/Zero (which I thought was pretty good). I loved loved LOVED how they did all the fight scenes, and the visuals + the music (that soundtrack, how I missed you!) were great! It’s going to be a beautiful beautiful journey watching Unlimited Blade Works, you can seriously tell all the time and money that went into this production of the Fate Series. If you haven’t seen it, it’s streaming on Hulu. Check it out. It’s GLORIOUS.

I do appreciate how much they’ve fleshed out Rin, and made her very likeable. I also really like that they are playing up more of Archer + Rin’s relationship and how they’re super teasing Emiya. I’m not gonna lie, the way the episode ended…CLIFFHANGER MUCH. I kept waiting to see Shirou summon Saber, so I hope its going to be in the next episode, because its seriously one of my favorite moments of the show EVER. 134582_10152161058190464_1610595558_oI’m not even done with Yoko + Kamina, and I’m like “TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK ON SABER.” I’ve had a blue armored Saber in the works for a few years now, but never had the urge to finish her. This. Will. Be. That. Time. I’m thinking of remaking Rin, and making an Archer too! I originally didn’t really like the school uniform Rin, but now I’m kinda changing my mind! ALL THE FATE COSPLAY (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)!10626412_1536573643223047_1648527405996443301_oSo since I couldn’t do much work on Fate, I dredged up all my old favorite Fate/Cosplay pictures. I’m SO determined to find all the Sabers when I’m in Rin (I’m sure there’s going to be a lot), though do you think it would be inappropriate to go up to them and say, “CONTRACT?!”

credits: Cosplay made by me, First Rin shot by Kantography, First Saber is the gorgeous and awesome Akai-Chan Cosplay & Photography, Second Saber is Okitasemi Cosplay (senpai~~~ I get so happy when you notice me).


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