Making Yoko Littner’s Bikini Top: Part 1

So I suppose on this the title may be a bit misleading, what we’re really going to be doing is modifying a bikini top to match Yoko’s. I’ve previously attempted to make a bikini for Rikku from Final Fantasy x-2, and let’s just say its RIDICULOUSLY HARD, for several reasons (least of which is the concern of popping out).
I personally don’t have much -erm how shall we put this nicely- ‘real estate’ on top so I often try and lean towards padded tops. I personally find them more secure, and thicker so I have to worry less when I’m out wearing it (if you get my drift ladies). For Yoko especially I would highly suggest getting a padded top, and if it helps make you look bigger on top well more power to you–because it’s not like Yoko isn’t-shall we say-top heavy.

Just make sure when purchasing your bikini that it looks as close to the actual bikini as possible, the less you have to modify the better. This section is going to be the first step, which is recovering the Bikini in a different fabric.

M A T E R I A L S:
1 Black Bikini Top
1/2 yard black stretch fabric (I used a black wet look spandex)
steam a seam tape
seam ripper

I N S T R U C T I O N S:
1. First, lets take that bikini apart. Mine was rather simple, and I seam ripped the band around the bottom leaving cup attached to the necktie.

2.  Cut out a generous piece of the wet look spandex, and start clipping it down to the bikini cup with binder clips. Binder clips are easier to work with then pins for a case like this, and don’t leave holes in the spandex. This may take a couple tries but make sure to keep adjusting until the fabric is stretched smooth over the cup.
20140722_2141343. Flip the bikini cup over and trim off all the excess + bulk, make sure to leave enough to sew down.
20140722_2144234. Now take the steam a seam tape and start attaching the edges on the inside. Be careful, take your time and make sure to use a low setting or your fabric will melt/warp. Using the binder clips, clamp down on top of the edges again to make sure they are being held firmly.

5. Handsew the inside edges down, so you have another layer of security on the inside.

Done! Pretty simple right? In the next part I’ll show how I attached the red flame and did the binding around the bottom :)!



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