Weekend Roundup: Progress and Such

honeymilkThis morning really feels like the fall weather is starting to set in, which I’m ecstatic about! I love wearing scarves, so I finally get to start wearing them again :3!! We got some more progress done this weekend on Yoko, and also I’m preparing another section that I’ve always wanted to add to the blog! I think you’ll find out more some time this week, but lets just say the picture above is a hint and I read up on how to take food pictures (a true art in and of itself!).20141012_010821Also Yoko’s rifle is coming together swimmingly, pardon the above deeply unflattering picture of me ^O^! Sadly right after we took this picture it slipped and broke, but we’re back on track now! I’m holding it a bit awkwardly because it still needs to be counter balanced in the back as right now its a bit (okay a LOT) front heavy. After holding the rifle I definitely realized that I need to add arms to my workout because that thing is like 9-10 lbs, and OOF it was straining on my arms!20141009_220855_resizedHer wig is starting to look pretty cool, but I am running into some difficulties with getting the hair attached. The glue I am using is definitely turning the fibers darker, but in a trade off between the fibers staying neat and tidy and falling off–I think I’ll go for the darker wefts. Its a beast keeping everything neat and tidy!

On a side note, I did watch Fate/Stay Night: UBW, and will recap it later but I had a lot of conflicting emotions about it so I’m waiting to calm down and digest it a little more before writing about it ^O^!


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