Gadget Hackwrench Write Up

985327-tininhaRescue Rangers, to the rescue!! I’m sure this is dating me, for all those people who are DYING to know how old I am, but I grew up watching the Rescue Rangers and LOVED IT. A couple Mickey’s Halloween Party’s ago I was looking to make something that was simple and comfortable so we decided to go as Gadget Hackwrench + Chip. To date, I have worn this cosplay the most often because it is just SO KICKASS COMFORTABLE. It’s my go to Sunday cosplay or lazy cosplay which I think every cosplayer needs in their repertoire :3.Anime Expo 2012For the pattern I spent a lot of time searching and settled on a vintage jumpsuit pattern because it had the shape of her jumpsuit and would need very little modification. The only changes I made were to add more of a curve around the thigh area because she’s drawn a lot curvier there, but in retrospect I doubt you really need to; and, I used a front zipper closure. Otherwise everything else is pretty simple, the fabrics I used were two different colored cottons (you can’t really tell in the pictures), with the nicer fabric as lining. The belt is made using synthetic suede and I usually wear her with fleshtone flats. To complete it I just wear a basic scoop neck white shirtil_fullxfull_270725359The wig is a LeTigre from Arda Wigs in Ginger Blonde, and the ears are made from cotton fleece with a foam core center. Basically, all you need to do is trace out two flat ear shapes, sew them together, flip inside out and insert foam core then sew it down again. Then just sew/hot glue to some hairclips-I’ll post a more in depth write up later! The goggles were Josh’s first 3D printed prop and if you guys are interested we sell the set of ears + goggles here.3078298credits:first cosplay photo taken by I DON’T REMEMBER. IF YOU KNOW PLEASE TELL ME!!!


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