Making: Gadget Hackwrench Ears

il_570xN.547236534_rv3jGood Wednesday! Today I’m going to share how I make the Gadget Hackwrench ears. I was finishing up some orders last night, so I took some shots while I was working. They’re relatively simple to make, and pretty cheap for the total cost of materials. I attach them to hair clips that I put into my wig, but whatever works for you is always best. The pattern itself is trial and error, so I played around a lot before I settled on one :), my suggestion is to test out the pattern on foam core before moving to to the fleece.

M A T E R I A L S:

foam core
light pink fleece
cream/pale flesh tone fleece
hair clips

1. The basic shape I used for gadget is a circle, with one straight edge. The straight edge should be fairly small but big enough so that it is easy to put the foamcore in. Once you settle on the shape for the ears, cut it out of foam core 2x. Add a 1/2″ seam allowance and then cut out 2x each of the pink and the flesh tone fleece.gadget_hackwrench_ears_step12. Now with the right sides facing each other, pin the pink and flesh tone fleece together. Sew together leaving a small opening.3. Iron the wrinkles out, then cut out the bulk. I usually cut out triangles all around, then cut it even closer to the stitching line. Then flip it inside out, I use a chopstick to help make sure it’s neat. Press one more time. gadget_hackwrench_ears_step4. Insert the foam core, you may need to cut the foam core down a little to fit inside. Fold the raw edges under with the foam core sandwiched between and stitch it all shut.20141014_2228025. Now fold the corners of your ears in and stitch down again. You’re done! Attach them to your hair clips, I usually sew them down to the clip then I hot glue them down.20141014_223106You’re all set to go, so go have some fun! The goggles + ears set is available on our Etsy for anyone interested :).

Happy Making! ❤


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