Favorites: 5 Knit Projects from Purlbee

pixie_dust_blanket_snowflake-600-31With fall weather swooping in, and the chill of Winter drawing ever closer I once again find myself reaching for my knitting needles. It could be the weather, or it could just be the fact that two weeks ago I walked into Home Depot and already saw the Christmas section out, and they were all mocking me. They were saying to me, “What are you doing?! You should be KNITTING.” And I thought, yes, yes I should be knitting something, something warm, and soft and comfortable.

So I thought I’d share with you guys some of my favorite knit projects off one of my favorite ‘aspirational’ websites. I call it this because admittedly their prices are quite hefty, and the finished cost of most of these projects run into the hundreds of dollars range! As of now I don’t have the budget to spend on it, but I will one day and you can bet these projects will be the first ones I run for. pixie_dust_blanket_snowflake-600-111. Pixie Dust Lap Blanket

The texture on this blanket is just amazing, and the fact that it uses such bulky yarn–well it would knit in the blink of an eye! It also has a smaller thread of iridescent silver yarn knit along side all that gorgeous texture and the idea of sitting wrapped up in something that amazing, to me feels like I’d be in a cloud daydream. I’d love it on the end of our bed, I’d love it thrown over a sofa, I’d love it in the rain and on a train~~! Seriously though, that texture, that sparkle! Someday you will be mine.

bobble_sheep-600-22. Bobble Sheep Pillow

As the original poster wrote, she knit a sheep…out of a sheep. It’s KNITCEPTION, what that’s totally a word. But again it’s FABULOUS. I love the idea of it thrown on a sofa against a grey sofa or slipcover. It also feels like it’d be amazing to just cuddle with, and seriously guys–what could be better then knitting a sheep from sheep? I’d see it and laugh every time. That bobble knit is a great stitch too, and seeing it used in this manner really lets that texture shine.

ss_merino_seed_st_blanket2-600-83. Double Seed Stitch Blanket

I think you guys can tell that I’m a texture kind of gal. I also call this the ‘fiancee approved pattern’. The texture is so understated and simple, that it even appealed to my better half (of course I had just bombarded him with the Pixie Dust blanket, which he liked but felt a little iffy about the sparkles on). I love the way they pictured it too, with just its own texture no frills or bells or whistles because really I don’t think it needs it. I also like this project because unlike the top one, it looks like you wouldn’t have to be too extra careful with it.

knit-big-stitch-rug-600-24. Big Stitch Knit Rug

On cold mornings, I feel like there is no greater gift to our feet then landing on a soft, warm rug. Of course this makes stepping onto the cold floor that much harder–but the getting out of bed part is easier at least. This rug, I mean who hasn’t wanted to knit their own fluffy big rug at some point in time? I know I have! I do have several reservations about knitting a rug, because my practical side feels like it may not be the best to do so using expensive yarns for something that’ll get that much abuse–but we’ll see.

128-blanket-600-15. Fluffy Brioche Baby Blanket

That’s right! You guessed it! THAT TEXTURE. This one is smaller so it knits up faster, but I wouldn’t mind having a large version of this either. On a random note I noticed that I love blanket projects, because really those become such beautiful heirlooms. I have a granny square blanket that I was crocheting on a whim when I first met my now fiancee four years ago, and now even though it’s full of hot pink and other colors he doesn’t particularly care for–he wouldn’t get rid of it for the world. It’s already become one of our little family’s heirlooms, and so that’s why I think I lean towards blanket projects…so go guys!

Let’s get KNITTING.


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