Weekend Roundup: 10.20.14

Hey guys!

I hope you guys have been doing great!! I’m going to say ahead of time, that this week will be a bit quiet on the blog as life stuff is happening. Nothing to serious, more that since moving in together Josh and I have not had very many people over at our house–and this Saturday for his birthday we’re planning to have a bunch of friends and family over in a birthday-pseudo house warming party.

Needless to say I’m FREAKING OUT a little bit, as we’re very much still disorganized and not completely done packing. This past weekend has been a frenzy of Ikea visits for last minute things, cleaning, hanging pictures etc etc. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean we’re dropping the ball on our projects. In fact Josh is nearing completion on Yoko’s build–to the point where soon he will be at paint/prime/sand stage and I’m getting in supplies for Yoko.

I did do a quick DIY over the weekend, and guys I’ve got some tips to share!20141019_224443I painted some basic terra cotta pots this weekend in some spare acrylic paint I had lying around (I believe from my Rikku boots actually). It took me about three hours to get all five done with several little coats. I was super proud but then the horror. The next day I woke up to find that the paint had bubbled and bled and just looked awful. I had spritzed the plants with water the night previously before repainting. What I have since learned is before painting terra cotta pots you should seal the inside and outside with a waterproof sealant (thank you internet)! So I shall be going back to square one on those!20141019_224417I also picked up another gundam to build this weekend, or zaku? The local gundam store is AMAZING, ZAKU AMAZING! Lately I’ve been getting into gundam building (which may or may not be due to Build Fighters), and while I still consider myself a total newbian it’s been really fun!HG_Zaku_Amazing_Box__23250.1408242466.1280.1280I get all my gundam from Robot4less, they’re all super great and helpful people! You can order from them online too so go check them out :)!!


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