Gunpla Building: Zaku Amazing

20141020_215308Hello! Hello! I took a break last night from working on things and decided to reward myself for surviving Monday by working on my new Gunpla rather then cosplay~! WHAT?! I know, I know but some times its good to take a break! I just recently got into Gunpla building, so I don’t claim to be an expert in any, way shape or form. It’s been a fascinating fun journey though :)! People have been so helpful too, that I think the community is actually pretty great. In a way I like that its another form of building things and geeking out, one that has a slightly quicker pay out then Cosplay.

Admittedly I do think that it can be an expensive hobby, and I foresee it becoming that way–but if you take it slow and gradually accumulate things then I think it’s completely manageable. I’ve only built three Gunpla so far (Bearguy III, Fenice, and now Zaku Amazing), but I’ve been slowly accumulating the supplies. In the beginning I would agree that all you need is a file (or sandpaper if you prefer), snips, and perseverance! I’ve only recently added the outline marker, sandpaper, nail file. TBH, I think most people would have the snips + file lying around the house and I think thats all you really need to get started :3.

Crazy awesome tip I learned this weekend from Sundays with Phil, at Robot4less, do a final sand with a nail file! They’re really cheap and the grit is so fine that it really helps smooth out the gunpla from where you detached it from the sprue (vocab?). I eventually want to get into painting and stuff but like I said, trying to take it slowly! Do any of you build gunpla or models?


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